Customer Focused Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t an IT project stuck in a cost centre or in an innovation lab. It has to reflect the existing company brand, values, and people while also refocusing the business on building continuous processes for discovering new ways to solve customer problems and deliver value.


Transforming to Digital Products

Digital Transformation involves all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how the company operates and delivers value to customers. It is often done with the help of strategic consulting firms that focus on the organizational changes. 

A key element in successful Digital Transformation is building digital products that  delight the fast changing customer taste. This requires specific Product Management expertise.

The challenges

Continuous Value adding

Digital products continue evolving to keep up with the changing market needs. Transforming companies are used to develop time bound projects and must move to ongoing products that deliver growing customer value.

Time To Market

In the fast changing digital world, products must get to the market frequently to get feedback and adapt quickly to the market needs. While this is natural for digital companies, transforming companies need to learn how to achieve short time to market

Product Market fit

Transforming companies need to find their Product Market fit in the digital world. Moving from optimizing established products to exploration requires different skills and culture that encourages innovation and tolerates failure.

Infrastructure and methodologies

Building successful digital products requires changing the way the company builds products and adopting new infrastructure, processes and methodologies 

Digital Product Management

Building digital products is an ongoing process that requires  Product Management skills.  StarVision focuses on this aspect and helps companies move from developing technology projects to building continuously improving digital products that deliver customer value.

Using its unique SVPM framework, StarVision helps transforming companies to adopt  modern Product Management methodologies, empowering them to build the right digital products for the right customers.

New customer value

Digital transformation is much more than converting current products to digital form. It opens a new world of opportunities to deliver higher value to customers. To identify and provide the right value to the right customers, established companies must go back to discovery mode – focus on the customer problem and find the right, digital solution for it.

This is the role of a Product team. Instead of delivering technology via multiple projects, the Product team researches the market on an ongoing basis and use short, iterative development cycles to incorporate market feedback quickly and stay ahead of the curve.

What we do

StarVision structures, trains and guides Product teams to:

Project to Product

Switch from development of projects that are done upon delivery to continuously improving products

Product Strategy

Identify the Market Segments to target, define the product values that will allow winning against the competition, find the right business model and build a compelling business case

Product Goals

Set the Product Goals and KPIs based on the Product Strategy

Product Roadmap

Build the Product Roadmap that focuses on the initiatives that will help achieving the product goals

Agile Approach

Shorten time-to-market to learn and adapt quickly to the fast-changing customer behavior


Instead of waiting for all the desired features, release a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get market feedback faster

Analytics Strategy

Define what, when and how to measure to be able to take data-driven decisions that will improve the Product

Processes and Tools

Get the right Product Management processes, templates and tools

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