About Us

StarVision is a leading Product Management expert company.  Since 2005, we help hi-tech companies develop great products by optimizing their Product Management processes.

With a team of highly experienced product experts with international hands-on Product Management experience.  StarVision provides a full suite of Product Management services including Strategy building, Product Management methodologies implementation, and Product Management education and training. 

StarVision’s field-proven Product Methodology (SVPM) provides a practical framework for Product Management activities in hi-tech firms. It helps Product Managers make rational, logical, product decisions instead of relying on intuition.

We Are Product Management

In the past 12 years StarVision education branch provided Product Management training, know-how and best practices for the high-tech industry. With over 800 graduates of its product management  courses  StarVision acts as a leading product management knowledge center for the Israeli high-tech eco-system. 

The Team

profile_0005_lior portrait photo 22.jpg

Lior Zadicareo

Product Management & Marketing expert


Yuval Ginzberg

Marketing & Product Management expert


Avi Gelber

Product management & marketing expert


Sharon Polak

Visual communication, branding & user experience expert


Ori Levin

Product management & marketing expert

Joel Richter fix

Joel Richter

Fintech Project & Product Management expert


Sagit Zohar

Product management, product development & system architecture


Nofar Werber

Marketing and social platforms manager

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