Web AND Mobile Analytics Mastery Workshop


12 hours

Ramat Gan

Behavioral data is much more than Google Analytics...​

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Whats in the course

Analytics tactics and techniques

Learn how to build and optimize your analytics strategy

Analytics methods

Master: Events, funnels, segmentation, cohort charts, flow/navigation charts, dashboards...

Hands-on workshop

Work on your own site/app data during the course

Apps and Tools

Explore the latest analytics apps and tools: MixPanel, GA, Firebase, Facebook Analytics, Appsee, Fabric, HotJar, Crashlytics and more..

About the course

StarVision is happy to offer an exciting new practical course for Product Professionals. This laser-focused 12-hours course and workshop (2-days or 3 evening sessions) was created specifically for non-technical users. In the course you will learn not only about the tools, but also the way and the strategy to master Analytics and truly make data-driven decisions.
Throughout the course, we will experience and practice the most popular Analytics platforms including MixPanel, GA, Firebase, Facebook Analytics, Appsee, Fabric, HotJar, Crashlytics and more…

The workshop is for Product Managers whose roles include planning and analyzing Analytics data as well as Product executives who want to be able to analyze their data on their on, ask the right questions and fully understand the capabilities and possibilities of their Analytics platforms.


Course Benefits

Following the course, you will be able to:

Course Syllabus​

Session I – Introduction & Strategy

  • Introduction to behavior analytics
  • Why is everybody, knowingly, doing it wrong?
  • Worst practices & what not to do
  • Analytics strategy – who needs it?
    • North star metric
    • KPI & metrics
    • Strategic questions
  • Tactics:
    • Investigation methods
    • Event table/ Tracking plan
  • Practical workshop

Session II – Theories, practice & setup

  • Tools, Tactics and capabilities – events, properties, funnels, segmentation and more
  • Fitting to product assessment stages:
    • Onboarding
    • Engagement
    • Retention
    • Virality
    • Monetization
  • Practical workshop:
    • Visualization tools and usage
    • Advanced techniques
    • Choosing the right tools for the job

Session III – Analyzing your data

  • How to analyze analytics data without going insane
  • QA – defining this critical process
  • Practical workshop:
    • Composing your analytics report
    • Presenting your work
  • Summary

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