Don't Miss Out on Talents. Recruit Better Product Managers, and Faster

Finding and recruiting the right product manager for YOUR team is a crucial task that requires  deep understanding of the product management role, process, and operations. 

The Best PM for YOUR Team

We understand your needs and your product and can easily build a dedicated screening process which contains industry scenarios, simulations, and exams to evaluate Product Managers and locate the best one for YOUR team

Short Time-to-Recruitment

Our professional and well-experienced team is dedicated to your recruitment procedure. The rapid, focused process is attractive to industry talents, saves your team time and effort and enables you to fill open positions faster

Tap into Our Community

With our Product Management community, containing thousands of members, the right Product Manager that best fits your needs has never been more accessible

Recruiting with StarVision


The typical PM recruitment procedure takes way too long, and the best talents simply do not wait. 

Our allocated recruitment team is focused on your position and significantly shortens the Time-to-Recruit with a competitive pace.

Minimal EFFORT

Your product team is already overstretched, even without having to interview candidates, build tests, and analyze the results. 

Use the time you have to develop great products, without worrying about the next recruitment, and let us work for you.


Recruiting the right product manager requires time, money, and dedication.

Engaging our vast experience, we created a unique recruitment process designed to evaluate the candidates’ skills, orientation, and chances of achieving a “PM-Company-Fit”.

Cooperating with your PM team, we will characterize the next addition to it, find him/her and save Product Managers on your team the time and effort needed to complete this task.


Based on your company’s identification and product, our domain expertise is utilized to help you define your needs and characterize the next addition to your team. 

Taking into account your market, your product domain, your product life cycle stage, your team structure, and your unique needs, we will help you find the best candidates relevant to YOUR team.

The StarVision Process

Built for product management recruitment process


Refine position requirement and initial Screening interview 


Hands-on case studies and custom exams


Interview and exam review 


Detailed report including skill review, prodcut-company fit, and benchmarks 


Recruiting professionals in the high-tech industry are challenging, recruiting Product Managers is even harder!  Let us help!