Product Management Methodology Implementation

Is your company running an effective Product Management cycle? Are you in touch with the market? Do Product Managers and developers in your company work in a constructive trust-based environment? Can they confidently reply to questions regarding version delivery dates?

If you hesitated before answering a clear “Yes” to any of the above questions, you might need to reevaluate your company’s Product Management environment.

Many companies are facing the pressing issue of operating an effective Product Management team. To build an excellent Product Management team you need to adopt a clear synchronous Product Management methodology that will allow all your Product Managers to follow cross-organizational shared guidelines. As the procedure involves people, different processes and various tools, integrating a single comprehensive methodology becomes a great challenge. But without one, creating a great product, appreciated (and purchased) by customers, is even a greater challenge.

StarVision's Product Principles 

SVPM™ -StarVision’s Product Management methodology is based upon the four fundamental dimensions of Product Management – Strategy, Definition, Marketing, and Achievement. We have developed it throughout years of experience in working with hi-tech companies such as yours and are equipped to optimize the Product Management procedure in your company – large or small, experienced or brand new.

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