Product Management

Product Management

  • Is the Product Management organization effective?
  • Are the Product Managers focused enough on the market?
  • Are Product Managers and Developers working in a constructive trust-based environment?
  • Are Product Managers confident when asked about version delivery dates?

If you hesitated before answering a Yes, to any of the above questions, you need to reconsider the Product Management environment in your organization. The four dimensions of Product Management require a high discipled organization operating a clear methodology.

One of the issues organizations struggle with is how to operate the Product Management operation, it has to do with People, Processes and Tools, creating one comprehensive integrated methodology that enables the hi-tech organization produce great products the customer appreciate and buy. In order to do that you need to structure a complete set of People-Processes-Tools elements into an excellent Product Management organization. The methodology is based on SVPM, the StarVision Product Methodology and is adjusted through the transformation process to fit the specific context of the organization. It all depends!

StarVision is utilizing its Product Methodology and its years of experience working with Product organizations to optimize the Product Methodology for the organization.

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