Building your Product Strategy

What we do

StarVision utilizes its vast experience in Product Management and Strategy  to help high-tech companies build, define and execute their Product Strategy. Our Product Strategy process is based on StarVision Product Methodology (SVPM) that takes into consideration all aspects of the market as well as organization competency and culture. 

Our deep understanding of Product Marketing, Go-To-Market and R&D processes in the high-tech industry enables us to effectively build  product strategy for both startups and big enterprises.

SVPM Strategy methodology

The strategy section in SVPM  provides a field-proven methodology and practical tools to build your product strategy, from definition of the value the product brings to the market, identification of the relevant market segments, analysis of the competition and positioning to selection of the right business model, pricing and creation of a business case for the product.


Define your product core value (the reason why customers buy and use it) and additional values


Divide the market to relevant segments and identify the market segments and personas you should focus on


Identify direct and indirect competitors, build competitive info database and understand what makes you different


Differentiate your product from the competition and capture the right place in your customers mind


Define where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Used as a basis for product goals.

Business Model

Find the optimal model to monetize your product


Set the price that will send the right message to the market and generate more revenues

Business Case

Validate that the investment in the product is justified and set measurable business goals

StarVision was asked to engage with Time To know when we were at a strategic junction. In a short period of time you were able to analyze the current situation, and from there you started working closely with me on the strategic process. I was happy to work with you. I found your vast experience and professional constructive attitude, significantly important during the strategic process we went through.
Yair Brosh
CEO, Time to Know

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