Learn how to manage effectively without official authority

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Why Interpersonal Communication Skills?

Product managers must manage various processes, run by many people, without official authority. Therefore, interpersonal communication skills are a key component to the product manager’s success.

Unproductive Organization

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Manage conflicts effectively and reduce time wasted on endless arguments

Product Drift

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Communicate effectively to ensure products are developed according to the product definition

Roadmap Roadblocks

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Remove organizational roadblocks to execute your products roadmaps

What Do Workshop Participants Say?

About the workshop

 A product manager could have perfect ideas and design a promising roadmap, but if others don’t cooperate, the plan is destined to fail. 

Communication skills are therefore a key component to our success as product managers, and they cannot be learned theoretically. To modify our behavioral patterns and communicate more effectively with co-workers we need to practice.

That’s why StarVision and JBS Simulations crafted the Interpersonal Communication Skills Workshop, comprised of a series of product management conflict scenarios. These real-life scenarios, taken from our professional portfolio as product managers, are very likely to occur in your work environment. 

The scenarios are simulated by professional actors and… your team. After the simulation, we analyze and discuss what we’ve just seen, and provide you with feedback, so you and your team can learn what you did well and what you should do better to effectively develop your communication skills. It is as practical as it sounds.

Workshop Benefits

Following the workshop, you will be able to:

What's in the workshop?

Real-life Scenario Simulation

Based on typical day-to-day interactions introduced to product managers

Trained Actors

The real-life product management conflicts are simulated by trained actors and your team

Professional Feedback

Participants learn what they did well and what they should do better in their next professional interaction

Practical Tools

Participants get practical tools and tips that their team can easily apply to their next professional interactions

Workshop Instructors


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