Custom Product Training,
focused on YOUR company challenges

StarVision’s custom product management training gives you a competitive edge by providing your product teams with the skills, processes, and tools they need to address the company’s current challenges: innovation, building the right strategy, roadmap definition, time-to-market, product market fit and more…

Why Custom Product Training?

Every product is different. Every company is different. Every product manager faces different challenges.

not all things are equal

Product management is a teamwork, but not all product managers  speak the same language.  Product teams are comprised of product managers of different backgrounds and professional experience. Some of them may lack knowledge of a specific area or need to strengthen a specific skill such as building a strategy , writing user stories or just prioritizing. Further more, Since the Product Manager work is  different between different companies a basic language (and process) needs to be established to enable the product team to work efficiently. 

Nothing is obvious

How do we start building a Roadmap? What is the product management role when using Agile ? what goal and KPI’s should I set? How to do Prioritization properly? What are the product marketing responsibilities? what is the PO vs PM responsibilities ? What is the best structure for my product team? Sometimes we need to go back to the basics, refresh what seems obvious, and learn a couple of new ways to look at well known product management know-hows. The Product Know-Hows Workshops are designed to do just that.

It's just not right

Something’s just not working as it should, but you cannot put your finger on it: You don’t know whether it is an unclear or incoherent product strategy, that  synchronization between the product team and R&D is just off or an unsatisfactory time-to-market .The fact is that at the end of the day you just feel that your product is just not as good as it should be.

Tailor-Made Workshops and Courses​

Built for product management teams the StarVision custom training answer your the product team Unique needs are addressed by adjusting our hands-on workshops to your current product challenges:

Fundamentals of product management

The core SVPM™ workshops are the basic building blocks of our flagship course – The Fundamentals of Product Management. All workshops provide product managers with practical tools and cover aspects of Product Management, including product  strategy, product definition, product  achievement, and product marketing.

Product Know-How Workshops

What is the basic of Product Strategy? How to build a Business case? How do we start building a roadmap? How to set Goals and Objective? What is a proper prioritization process? What is the PO responsibility? The product manager work is full of aspects which are very different between companies and products and are contextual to the JOB. The Product Know-How Workshops are designed help product teams to deals with their specific challenges and objectives. 

Advanced product management

Designed for product professionals, StarVison developed a set of courses and workshops for Senior and leading product managers. Dealing with strategy, advanced analytics and business case .Based on years of industry insight, these workshops demonstrate, step-by-step, how to lead advanced product management processes.

What do they say about us?

Product Teams Gains


Provide the Product team with deep understanding of the product manager's role and responsibilities


Build and Strengthen the product management team skill set

Tool Box

Offer your team a new set of tools to accommodate the product team daily challenges

Methodologies & Trends

Acquaint the product team with current product management trends, best practices, and methodology

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