Product Management Tools Implementation

Development teams and Project Managers use dedicated software tools (e.g. Jira). Product Managers, in many cases, use generic tools to define product requirements and work with R&D to implement them. The problem is that these tools are focused on detailed requirements and ongoing issues, and do not help product managers focus on adding value to their product and achieve their long terms goals.

Dedicated Product Management tools help product managers focus on Product Strategy and easily prioritize features based on their contribution to strategic goals. Furthermore, they provide visibility and improve communication with relevant stakeholders.

Product Management tools offer generic processes and various customization options. StarVision helps companies to customize these generic processes to the company specific needs, trains the company product managers and guides them as they start using the tool.


    • Smooth transition of your products
    • Identify and resolve objections
    • Ensure optimal implementation in line with your strategic goals
    • Short implementation time

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