Why Customer Experience is an Important Part of Product Manager’s Responsibilities?

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When we discuss a product manager’s responsibilities we discuss it in terms of Product Strategy, Product Definition, Product Achievement (engaging the development process) and Product Marketing. All these dimensions include customer issues.

Product Managers should be able to engage all of the product team (including R&D and Sales) in generating, articulating and monetizing customer value. However, we rarely stop to think about how all these topics regarding the client are connected, how does this all become part of a bigger customer picture: the Customer’s Journey.


Customer journey or experience is a major point in product success measurement, and it does not rely solely on marketing, but on a customer planning in all 4 product dimensions.

A product manager is responsible for connecting the dots and creating a full Customer Journey circle for his product. The process of creating a customer journey happens while building the product and dealing with the Product Management dimensions. All the pieces are there, but connecting them is what makes the difference.

Transitioning from Product Management to Customer Experience consider the following:

Product Awareness

The first step in every Customer Journey is Product Awareness – the product’s brand and value proposition. This is about first impression – getting the right perception from a customer’s perspective and an effective media exposure to the right customer. This means presenting the product value and theme to target audience.

User Experience vs. Customer Experience

Part of Customer Experience cycle is User Experience (UX). In spite the fact that Customer Experience is mostly generated by the Product Manager (formally or not), UX is an issue that Product Managers often tend to treat as a given part of R&D and design. This unit of Customer Journey tends to get autonomy. UX affects many aspects of Customer Journey and has a crucial impact on the ability to discover and engage in a product customer experience. As well as getting the right information easily, achieving high customer satisfaction and finally customer return. UX has a major impact on product success as well as Customer Experience, because all customer dots in a product planning and management should be connected.

The bottom line is that a product’s success is determined by customers, whether the product has reached defined goals, reached the defined target audience and gained satisfaction among them. If a product’s planning and management was thorough in customer terms, it has a major contribution to a product’s success. Customer Journey allows to see the bigger customer picture, connect all the dots and fill in all blanks. Customer Journey is an important responsibility for every Product Manager to reinforce.

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Sharon Polack

Sharon Polack

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