User Experience and the Science of Product Management

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Product Managers need to be good at understanding the value the product generates to the customer.

Product value to the customer should grow over time.

This is a responsibility. One of the key areas to grow value is the User Experience.

There are many aspects to User Experience, there is the Exploration experience, the Commitment experience (when the customer buys), the Introduction experience and the User Experience. Over the last few years, inspired by the Mobile revolution User Experience becomes a major issue for technology product companies.

Some Product Managers are using the fact that UX experts exist in the company to leave this issue outside their domain. This is a mistake!

Product Managers should do just that, Manage and this includes the user experience. Even if delegated, UX is something that should be managed.

Some Product Managers, are taking a step back when it comes to User Experience, it seems to them that it is “one of those things”, “it is about intuition” and NOT about rationally calculating what needs to be done. It is NOT an algorithm that needs to be applied. “It is an art” they say, it is not science.


Creating products is a science, NOT an art! It is NOT about intuitions and making intuitive decision, (although intuition may play a role, it should not run the process). So when you hear this about User Experience and you think “well, let those UX experts manage the User Experience”, think again, User Experience is too important to be left to the UX experts, it is strategic.
The bottom line is that Product Managers need to understand and manage UX, just like they manage any other meaningful aspect of the product.

For this growing need, StarVision have generated an innovative User Experience workshop especially for Product Managers.

Lior Zadicareo

Lior Zadicareo

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