Mind the Gap

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Sometimes it is all about the distance. Proxemics – You can tell how close people are by the distance between them when they talk.

Mind the Gap – You need to watch the distance between the train door and the station platform.

In Hi-Tech Product Management you need to be careful about the distance between you and your customer.  This is a key issue for many companies.  As a Product Manager you need to understand the customers and the value you bring to them.  That is very difficult to do when you keep your distance.

This is a huge issue for young companies and startups (and their Product Managers) struggling to establish a business model.  Get too close (engage directly with your customers) and you find out your resources are stretched and are holding you back.  Get too far (use various self-serve options or distribution channels) and you will not understand your customer.

The answer is to do keep just the right distance:

* Engage directly with a few, wisely selected, customers that will be a representative sample of your target market.

* Use Self-Serve sales in a way that you are still engaged and build a process where you can actually learn about your customers

* Use traditional distribution channels carefully – make sure they do not extend  the distance unnecessarily

This is important especially early on when you are shaping your product strategy and define your business model.

Lior Zadicareo

Lior Zadicareo

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