Customer Engagement Course

Customer Engagement

First impressions: Every time a person engages with a customer, they make an impression.

One of the key differences between hi-tech companies, especially of the B2B kind and the traditional non-tech companies, is the intensity of company-customer interaction. In most hi-tech companies there are many types of customer interactions.

Customer Rules of Engagement


Plan the overall strategic relationship with the customer. Every Customer Engagement.

The Truth

Never lie to a customer. You can try to avoid answering if you have to, but never lie to a customer.


This refers to face to face interaction with customers and especially to the number of people that…

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Small Talk

There is always a need to break the ice when you meet the customer for the first time.

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Always smile when you meet a customer. Do not frown when you are with a customer.

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Do not get personal with your customers. At least not at first. You may be walking into a mine field. With time and confidence in the customer character and intensions this may change, however…

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Talking to customers should be clear and simple. If you like the customer to understand how smart you are, you can write a book and give it them as a present. But when you communicate, be clear on your message.

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About the course

Customer interaction is a skill. This course enables mastering this skill.

  • Case based simulations.
  • Mmanage Customer Expectaions.
  • Deal with customer crisis.
  • Gain the customer’s trust.
  • Practical guidelines on how to deal with customers
  • Engaging with customers internationally – Cultural dilemas.