Lean Product Business Case Webinar

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Product Management is transitioning from an intuitive process or what is referred to as, The Art of Product Management, to a structured data driven process or The Science of Product Management.  This transition is not easy, and many companies are struggling with making this transition.

One of the key milestones on this journey is to start making data driven decision on the business case level. The Lean Product Business case enables us to make sure we make product investment decision in a rational way, as well as serve as a benchmark to evaluate the product progress in the relevant dimensions. However, a solid product business cases is not easy to create. 

Ori Levin

Ori Levin

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StarVision empowers companies to develop great products by optimizing their Product Management processes. Based on its field-proven Product Methodology (SVPM), StarVision provides best practices and know-how to all the dimensions of product management – from strategy to execution.

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