Product Management Course

StarVision Product Management Course

Product Management requires a combination of business, technology and analytical skills as well as soft skills required to work effectively with multidisciplinary stakeholders. StarVision helps product managers and professionals who want to be product managers to build and improve these skills.

StarVision Product Management course is based on StarVision Product Methodology (SVPM), a practical framework for Product Management activities in hi-tech firms that helps product managers make rational, logical, product decisions instead of relying on intuition.

StarVision provides an in depth, comprehensive Product Management course that includes 40 hours of  training, practical exercises and additional options to learn more, making this course one of a kind.

The number of participants in each Product Management course is limited to ensure that each participant will have the attention of the lecturers, who bring with them years of Product Management and Product Marketing experience shared during the course. The course is also a great opportunity to meet Product Managers from other companies and learn from their experience as well.

  • Gain deep understanding of the Product Manager role
  • Strengthen your product skill set
  • Get practical tools that will help you every day
  • Get up-to-date with current product management trends, best practices and methodology