Thinking Fast and Slow – Understanding Product Management

Product Management Dilemma:

Are product decisions intuitive or should product decisions be based on a structured rational process?  Is Product Management an art or a science?  This book is probably the strongest supporter for the claim that Product Management is a Science and the decisions Product Managers make (hard as they may be) should be based on rational analysis and not on intuition.

The WYSIATI Trap – What You See Is All There Is:

Product Manager focuses on information about a problem, a pain that the specific customer is experiencing, RFP requirements … and stays in the narrow frame of the context the problem.

We take a customer requirements without asking ourselves – is there more?  Are other customers facing similar problems?  Will this problem be as painful in the future?

If we see Product Management as a science we should always ask ourselves… Do I have all the information?  Should I be searching for more dimensions of this problem/issue/feature/requirement?