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StarVision Product Management Skill Enhancement Program (StarVision SEP)

Improve PM Excellence via Expert Coaching
If you are a Product Manager or a leader looking to build an impactful Product Management team, you probably came across some of these challenges: How to enhance my practical PM knowledge and confidence? How and which processes and methodologies to apply? How to complement specific PM tasks? What would be the way to build an effective Product Management organization? How to maximize the impact of Product Management in the organization?

The StarVision Product Management Skill Enhancement Program is built upon a set of structured coaching activities designed to increase Product Managers skills, help Product Managers succeed, improve productivity, lead teams more effectively and produce high quality deliverables. Our program helps organizations and Product Managers work more effectively as they master their Product Management skills.

During the program we pair the Product Managers with a StarVision Product Management Expert who methodically works with them through each area of expertise based on priority and value to the organization, personal growth goals and the specific tasks at hand.

StarVision SEP is constructed of a methodological evaluation and goals setting stage designed to identify the challenges and goals to be addressed, followed by periodical 1×1 meetings held to address the mapped areas and support ongoing tasks.

Sample Benefits:
– Accelerate adoption of skills and processes
– Productive communication with teams and stakeholders
– Grasp and steer the full complement of PM responsibilities
– Practical techniques helping with PM role excellence
– Additional perspective re ongoing tasks & strategy
– Boost leadership skills and organizational effectiveness