Our Methodology

StarVision Product Methodology (SVPM)

StarVision Product Methodology provides a practical framework for Product Management activities in hi-tech firms. It helps product managers to make rational, logical, product decisions instead of relying on intuition.

StarVision Product Methodology covers the 4 major dimensions product managers have to address – Product Strategy, Product Definition, Product Achievement and Product Marketing.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy is the guiding beacon for the Product Manager. It is essential that the Product Manager is thoroughly familiar with it.

Product Definition

Product Definition is about managing the product functionality and the product roadmap. Product Definition includes gathering market inputs, defining product requirements and communicating the required functionality to the product development units.

Product Achievement

Product Achievement covers the activities that ensure that the product is developed and delivered, according to specs, budget and timelines. Product Achievement includes all in-company Product Management activities which occur after product was defined. These activities involve communicating with the all units involved in developing and operating the product.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing – managing the market perception of the product value in order to generate leads and engage customers. The key in operating a successful Product Marketing organization is realizing that it is essentially rooted in the Product Management environment. Product Marketing is part of the Product Management process.