About us

StarVision team members have served in a range of senior positions in different high-tech companies, and offer an answer to the need to help companies and officeholders with issues of marketing and strategy in the high-tech world, product management in a technology company, customer management in high-tech, and B2B (business to business) marketing.

StarVision believes that it is possible to define a clear methodology of product management processes in high-tech companies, based on the company’s considerable experience in high-tech product marketing and management. This methodology is flexible and is intended to serve as the basis for building specific product management and marketing processes for each company.

We Are Product Management

StarVision has joined up with Bar Ilan University to set up and run a high-tech study track.
StarVision also provides support services for product management processes, and strategic and marketing consultation for high-tech companies.

Our Services

PM Tools Implementation

Development teams and Project Managers use dedicated software tools (e.g. Jira). Product Managers, in many cases, use...

Product Management

Is the Product Management organization effective? Are the Product Managers focused enough on the market? Are Product...

Product Strategy

StarVision utilizes its vast experience in Product Management and Strategy to help high-tech companies build, define and execute their Product Strategy....